Monday, February 5, 2024

"New York Comes to us" - AR edition

The Statue of Liberty, a product of the 1979 UW-Madison Pail & Shovel party, infrequently appears on frozen Lake Mendota.

The Backstory: During transport from New York by a helicopter, the cable snapped and Lady Liberty found herself on Lake Mendota.

I recorded a number of visitor impressions during a 2009 appearance, available in the amuz app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Vision Pro. (Tap Play category, navigate to Lake Mendota just off the Memorial Union and tap the icon. Swipe through the media and tap to view videos or VR scenes).

An excerpt:

History of Lady Liberty on Lake Mendota (2009) UW News and 2019 with a new version

Extra Credit: A mockup of the Statue of Liberty -used for fundraising- can be seen at the excellent Minnesota Maritime Museum in Winona, or via a few taps in amuz.

Note: AR (augmented reality) scene captured at Madison's sublime Wonderstate coffee.

iPhone iPad and Android examples.