Saturday, September 30, 2023

Consumption vs Creativity: A look at US Teen Smartphone Usage

"Notifications are plentiful, with half of our participants receiving 237 or more per day" - Common Sense Media

Yet, smartphones offer unprecedented creative opportunities. With amuz (intro video), students have an opportunity to learn:
1. Story telling.
2. Information hierarchy: deep dive to short videos
3. Research
4. Disinformation
5. Visuals: video, 3D/usdz, VR, AR, photography
6. Tech platform and usability (why).
7. Maps
8. Curation.
9. Integrate this with classroom experiences.
10. Proof of work for their resume and social sharing.
Two examples:

Modern Approach to Wisconsin History Celebrates Native Civil War Hero

and, Sticky Brands: Milwaukee Tool
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