Saturday, March 2, 2024

February False Flag: University of Wisconsin Terrace AR Views

A recent gorgeous late February day offered a glimpse of spring. For Madisonians, few places are better to dream of summer than the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Memorial Union Terrace.

This Augmented Reality (AR) scene shares a number of seasonal views.

Tap to begin exploring in amuz. Enjoy!

Above the Rio Grande: Law Library AR View

Nancy and I explored birds along the Rio Grande a few years ago. This journey took us to a number of Texas State Parks along the river, collectively known as the World birding Center.

The people, food and birding was terrific.

This border area continues to be in the news due to unprecendented human migration. We, too encountered this in 2022.

While checking out the birds at a State Park along the Rio Grande, we noticed some movement in a bush and thought it was another bird. Surprisingly, two guys jumped out, both apparently from Honduras. They asked if we could drive them to McAllen? No. We gave them supplies and continued on our late afternoon bird expedition.

I captured a few aerials along the border in subsequent days.

I thought the University of Wisconsin's Law Library might be an interesting place to view these scenes in augmented reality (AR).

Tap to begin exploring in amuz. Enjoy!