Thursday, February 8, 2024

Above the Mississippi River, AR edition

Madeline Heim recently wrote about a proposed federal taxpayer $300M plan for the Mississippi River Basin:
Advocates for the Mississippi River argue that the river is long overdue to have its own such program. Millions of people up and down a swath of the central United States rely on it for drinking water, commerce and recreation, and its floodplains provide food and habitat for hundreds of fish and wildlife species. But the river and its floodplain are facing a multitude of challenges, from extreme weather to habitat loss to persistent agricultural and industrial pollution. That pollution contributes to the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico, which last year was almost as big as Yellowstone Park.
Explore the mighty Mississippi with amuz VR scenes from the source in Northern Minnesota's Itasca Park to the mouth in Louisiana, and plenty of stops in between, including several mounds.